PHP Function To Convert Link in Twitter Status to Url, plus @ and #

I was working on this PHP Twitter application and wanted to convert link in the status to URL, also convert @username to a follow link, and #tag to a search query. So I made this function below: twitterStatusUrlConverter. You can also download it here:

* twitterStatusUrlConverter
* To convert links on a twitter status to a clickable url. Also convert @ to follow link, and # to search
* @author: Mardix –,
* @date: March 16 2009
* @license: LGPL (I don’t care, it’s free lol)
* @param string : the status
* @param bool : true|false, allow target _blank
* @param int : to truncate a link to max length
* @return String
* */
function twitterStatusUrlConverter($status,$targetBlank=true,$linkMaxLen=250){

// The target
$target=$targetBlank ? ” target=\”_blank\” ” : “”;

// convert link to url
$status = preg_replace(“/((http:\/\/|https:\/\/)[^ )\r\n]+)/e”, “‘<a href=\”$1\” title=\”$1\”  $target >’. ((strlen(‘$1’)>=$linkMaxLen ? substr(‘$1′,0,$linkMaxLen).’…’:’$1′)).'</a>'”, $status);

// convert @ to follow
$status = preg_replace(“/(@([_a-z0-9\-]+))/i”,”<a href=\”$2\” title=\”Follow $2\” $target >$1</a>”,$status);

// convert # to search
$status = preg_replace(“/(#([_a-z0-9\-]+))/i”,”<a href=\”$2\” title=\”Search $1\” $target >$1</a>”,$status);

// return the status
return $status;

Download it here:

Use as you please. If you make some updates, I would really appreciate if you send me a copy and share it with others.

Let’s keep coding for the world!

Peace out!


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